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Precision or Accuracy

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When you deal with a dental prosthesis, your patient's outcome depends on how well it fits into place. If it's too big or small, they end up with an uncomfortable or painful piece. Both accuracy and precision play a role in making sure that your patient gets exactly what they need for a happy and healthy smile.


Your accuracy determines how close you can get to the patient's measurements so that they have a comfortable and successful experience with the prosthesis. The accuracy is based on getting within an acceptable range of the measurement. While accuracy and precision are related, they are not the exact same thing.


Precision focuses on the consistency of your execution when creating the prosthesis. You could be accurate at one part of the process but lacking the necessary precision to maintain the same patient experience from one prosthesis to the next. The uneven performance could introduce other difficulties in their treatment.




Ultimately, you need a scanning process that's precise and accurate. You avoid costly issues such as having to remake a prosthesis, perform another scan or start the treatment over entirely. You also need to repeat your successes to scale your dental practice over time.

Your clients will be happy to refer their colleagues when you consistently deliver good results for their dental needs. You shouldn't have to play guessing games on whether you can always achieve this goal.

Medit's 3D scanner technology gives you the opportunity to always have accurate and precise scans on hand for your dental practice. You can ensure that the final product will fit perfectly into the patient's mouth, without having to spend hours redoing scans.

Your dental office gets the consistency it needs to reach your growth goals and improve patient satisfaction. You can focus on putting together treatment plans and answering patient questions rather than stressing out over a scan that you might not be able to use when you create a prosthesis.

Are you ready to learn more about improving your practice's precision and accuracy? Contact us to find out about our full range of solutions for your dental office.



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