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5 Reasons Why Your Dental Lab Should Go Digital

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There are several reasons why a dental laboratory should go digital. With each passing year, more labs and clinics are making the switch, leaving the traditional methods behind them.


You may be thinking, “Well aren’t most labs going digital anyway? Why do we need this blog?”


While it is true that the majority of labs have gone or have plans to go digital, there is still a large chunk of labs that have not changed their lab methods.


This blog speaks directly to lab owners currently on the fence about whether to convert to digital technology or not.


Here are 5 major reasons why your lab should absolutely make the switch to digital dentistry.


Stick with the pack


Let’s face it. The number of dental labs in the world has been decreasing and this is in large part due to technology. For those labs still out there, you must compete with the other remaining labs and that means not falling behind. As dentistry goes digital, your lab must follow suit. If a clinic uses scanning technologies, then they will try to find labs that are compatible with them. You want to adopt the same technology at the same pace as your clients. Therefore, sticking with the pack is one reason to make the switch to digital dentistry.


Speed and time saved


A second reason to introduce digital technology to your lab is speed. Whether it is the speed of the scanner itself or sending information through communication platforms, the digital method is faster than traditional means. Scanners are able to scan at different speeds but generally, it takes about 12 to 24 seconds per scan. After the scanning process, sending the scan information is easy, without needing to physically mail anything. The saved time adds up quickly over the course of a year and is worth the consideration.


Long-term Cost 

One of the largest hurdles to overcome is the short-term cost of switching your lab’s equipment. While the initial investment’s price tag may cause you to have doubts, the return-on-investment is the more important factor to consider. Additionally, different products have different prices so by shopping around, you may find one that fits your budget. And when we really focus on the long-term, as technology continues to improve, can your lab afford not to switch to the new digital methods?



Communication is the key to success. It allows the lab and clinics to be more productive and operate more effectively between one another. Not only is intercommunication between clinics and labs important but it is also essential within the lab as well. One of the benefits of digital dentistry is the inclusion of integrated communication systems. Having an integrated communication system provides you with multiple benefits such as upload speed, simple progress tracking, and information consolidation. Communicating between lab and clinic has never been easier!




A fifth and final reason for your lab to switch over to the digital dental platform is the technology itself. Technological breakthroughs continue to happen year in and year out. Many scanners use open systems (such as Medit’s T-Series of 3D dental scannersso by going digital, you will be able to benefit from the new improvements that are being made by hard-working engineers and tech companies all over the world. By not joining the digital dental revolution, you will certainly miss out on the exciting innovations occurring in the field.


There are plenty of reasons why a lab should go digital. The 5 listed here are just major and common factors that convince labs and clinics worldwide to jump on the digital train. But with so many reasons pointing you toward switching, strongly consider taking the next step!


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