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A Year with the i500: How Medit Entered Digital Dentistry

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Blog - A year i500

It has been an exciting first year for us since the release of our very first intraoral scanner – the Medit i500. The product conquered the dental market by storm, and we are humbled by its success and the trust of our users. We would like to take this opportunity for a short walk down memory lane, so you can find out how it all started.


The journey began decades ago, when Medit’s CEO Minho Chang graduated from MIT and gained further experience though the Korean Institute of Science and Technology, working for independent governmental research. After over ten years of intensive study of the principle of 3D technology and equipped with extensive knowhow in CAD, his goal was to apply his knowledge in a practical form. For a start, he began working as a CTO of a technology company before finally realizing his dream to start his own business.


And this is how Medit was founded in 2000 as a metrology company, first focusing on scanning solutions for quality inspection, reverse engineering, and other industrial applications. Utmost accuracy is a base requirement in this sector and Medit soon gained many renowned clients, quickly becoming a leading player in the field.


Medit’s CEO had always been most interested in the mass application of the 3D principle, wanting to contribute to something that benefits people and helps others to improve their business. His belief that a company has to create something of value for society in order to be sustainable, led to the discovery of digital dentistry as a new market for Medit’s reliable solutions. Proper dental treatment requires proper geometry – a knowledge that is our strong suit.


Medit entered digital dentistry with its first lab scanner in 2013 – the Identica Blue, the first blue light dental lab scanner in the market. Two years later, the Hybrid was released which was the fastest scanner in the industry at the time it was launched. After establishing ourselves as a lab scanner provider, an extensive period of research and development began in preparation for the next logical step.


With the release of our first intraoral scanner, the Medit i500, our company has reached another highly valuable milestone. Combining speed, accuracy, and constant software updates to add new functionalities and further improve the scanning performance, the i500 has quickly become an industry favorite and our flagship product. It’s been a thrilling year since its release of constant software releases and customer communication.


We have no one else to thank for this success, other than our amazing users and their passion for our solutions. Medit has been around for almost two decades but our journey in the dental field has just begun and we are thrilled to see where it will take us next.


The goal is clear: Medit will always invest most heavily in technology to repay the trust, respect, and love we have received from our clients. This will allow patients to keep receiving even better treatments and hopefully contribute to making the lives of dental professionals significantly easier. Our one year with the i500 has proven to us that we are on the right track towards realizing this goal!


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