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Because You Couldn't Stop Scanning: Round-Up of Our Competition

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Over the past couple of weeks, we asked our users to showcase their Medit i500 scanning skills and join the #cantstopscanning competition by scanning their favorite objects or sharing their interesting cases. The competition has come to a close and we are excited to share a collection of our best-of with our readers!


One of the most impressive entries we received came from Panthera Dental: They scanned Dragon Ball's Son Goku and we could almost imagine him doing a kamehameha through our screens!



Dragon Ball is apparently popular with our community as another figure from this universe also entered our scanning competition: Jorge Troncoso Pazos scanned Majin Boo.



Interestingly, our users weren't only scanning action figures. Food was another popular choice to showcase our users' Medit i500 skills! That's only natural because even if you can't stop scanning, you still get hungry eventually. And who doesn't love fried chicken?



After a hearty meal it is time for dessert. This cookie scan submitted by Meldas Mazeika looked very delicious indeed.



Additionally, it was also interesting to see users sharing their latest dental cases with us, proving that the Medit i500 is, after all, an amazing intraoral scanner. Phakon Liamseng shared this clear aligner use case with us.


Yet another competition participant proved that the Medit i500 could also easily be applied to a different use case altogether: Check out this face scan submitted by Bastien Deloge!



Some users made creative use of some of the great Medit iScan software functionalities. Here's a clever example using the bite registration.



In the end, we were MEDITating just like The Thinker and wondering what can't you scan with our i500? Well, you certainly get crystal-clear scan data when you scan the Thinker, as proven by Yassin Bellafqih who sent in yet another great entry for this competition.



Finally, thank you again to everyone for their participation! It was a pleasure checking out the great scanning skills of our users as they were having fun with the new features of the latest software upgrade that was released prior to the competition. We are now excited to announce the winners of brand new iPads below:

  • - Son Goku by Panthera Dental
  • - Majin Boo by Jorge Troncoso Pazos
  • - Two piece figurine by DentCore

We still haven't stopped scanning and hope to meet you again soon with another competition. Until then, happy scanning! #cantstopscanning #Mediti500


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