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5 Benefits of a Workflow Management System (for Clinics)

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We shared about collaboration platforms in an earlier article, and one of the aspects of collaboration platforms is workflow management - particularly between the clinic and the lab. Ever thought about how you can simplify your workflow with technology? Here are just five benefits of implementing a workflow management system in your clinic!

  1. Better Communication with Labs

Possibly the most important benefit of a workflow management system is the communication aspect which allows you to work more closely not only within the team but also with your lab partners. Real-time exchange with the lab reduces miscommunication, ensuring that both the clinic and the lab agree on the end result before proceeding. Being able to easily share files between the clinic and the lab also allows the clinic to involve the lab early on in the treatment process, guaranteeing that the error rate of your orders is minimized. All this leads to a more cohesive workflow between the clinic and the lab where both parties are able to visualize the same end result and track the treatment progress from beginning to end. This brings us to our next point.

  1. Patient-Centered Workflows

Workflow management tools facilitate seamless communication between the clinic and the lab, supporting patient-centered digital dentistry workflows. Your patients are your most important stakeholders so being able to prioritize their needs ensures that they will be satisfied with your service and keeps them coming back. Being able to communicate with the lab from the start allows the clinic to show the patient a mock-up of the proposed treatment, so they can visualize it and understand the outcome before agreeing to it. This makes the patient feel like they have some control over their own treatment.

  1. Manage Multiple Work Processes on a Single Platform

Imagine being able to scan, communicate with your partners, send files, order your dental prostheses and make payments, all on one platform! That’s the beauty of an integrated workflow management tool, allowing you to manage multiple work processes on the same platform and track the progress of each case. Let the system handle the administrative tasks so you can focus on being more productive!

  1. Access to Your Files, Whenever, Wherever

You no longer need to be in the clinic in order to access your files, thanks to cloud storage. With more platforms coming up with mobile app versions, you can now check the progress of any case while on the go, allowing you to easily communicate with your lab partners should there be any issues. Having files stored on the cloud also allows multiple users to access the files from different computers at the same time. In addition, uploading your data to the cloud allows you to free up your local drive and ensures that your digital files are securely backed up.

  1. Time & Cost Savings

Being able to share files easily with the lab saves the clinic both time and money. With traditional impressions, there are risks of errors due to various reasons such as air pockets. This means that the resulting dental prostheses are more likely to have errors, requiring amendments or worse, re-makes, wasting precious time and money. In addition, the clinic can work with multiple labs on different jobs at the same time, reducing patients’ waiting time for treatment. This leads to better treatment results and improved patient experience.


We’ve shared with you some of the benefits of implementing a workflow management tool in your clinic. Have we piqued your interest yet? If you’re looking for a workflow management platform with an open system, check out Medit Link. You can try out the software for free by signing up before committing!

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