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Case Studies

Can't Stop Scanning with the Medit i500

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Have you ever thought about what your intraoral scanner can do? Besides scanning your patients’ teeth, that is! While Medit’s i500 intraoral scanner was designed for intraoral scanning, we’ve tried scanning other things just to test its accuracy for different textures and well, have some fun. Check out some of the things that have been scanned with the i500 (either by us or our community)!




As a sneak preview to the latest version of our iScan software, we scanned a baseball to show the amazing alignment accuracy through the non-stop tracking of the slightly different patterns. You can see in the video just how precisely the software matches the patterns and closes the loop perfectly in this 360-degree scan. We shared this video earlier last month and we’re happy to finally be able to let our community experience it for themselves now!



If you have a complex case to scan, don’t worry! This scan of a dinosaur figurine illustrates Medit i500’s scanning speed and performance which allows you to scan complex shapes easily.



“What else should we attempt to scan?” We asked ourselves this question and decided to take on the challenging task of scanning an orange. Due to the texture, the scan took a while to complete but the result was really satisfying! Don’t just take our word for it, watch the video for yourself to see the final outcome of the scan.



Finally, to give you a glimpse of just how well the i500 picks up fine details, check out this video which shows the i500 being used to scan a mouse jaw bone successfully! This video was submitted by a community member, as part of their ongoing research with leading educators in the field of paleontology.

What have you tried scanning with your intraoral scanner lately? Share your videos with us by uploading them to your social media channels and using the hashtags #cantstopscanning #MEDITco #Mediti500! We look forward to your creative videos! Oh, and did we tell you that you have a chance to win an iPad? What are you waiting for? Get scanning!


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