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Customize Your Medit Experience: New Workflows

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Customize Your Medit Experience


When working on the software upgrades to Medit Link V2.2 and iScan V1.4, we thought about how we could further improve the workflow for our users. So we came up with a way for you to customize your workflows - with the addition of the App Box feature as well as a function to switch the sequence of your scan stages to suit your working style. Read on to find out more about how you can experience new workflows with the latest software updates!

Firstly, introducing the new App Box feature! As a platform, Medit Link strives towards working with as many global solution providers who share the same idea of growth through openness. Through partnerships with these providers, we aim to make your workflows as seamless as possible via the App Box.




So what is the App Box? This is a new feature which enables you to build your own workflows by installing the available extensions in Medit Link which includes integrated partner software as well as other add-on features developed by Medit. The App Box will continuously be updated with new extensions as we grow our partnerships and develop more add-on features. 




Another function that we have introduced in the new update is the ability to change the sequence of your scan stages. Regardless of whether you prefer to scan the maxilla or mandible first, you can now set your default scan stage sequence to suit your working style and needs. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the scan stages into your preferred sequence!



There you have it - two new features in Medit Link V2.2 and iScan V1.4 that gives you the flexibility of customizing your workflows! We hope you’ll enjoy this small improvement in your scanning experience.


Want to learn more about how to use the new features? Check out our Help Centre or join our Facebook user group to ask fellow users for tips and tricks!


Visit the Medit User Group


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