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Introducing Medit Link: Why You Should Start Using This Dental Platform Too

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In this blog, we will dive into and explore Medit Link by asking and answering three major questions: What is Medit Link? What benefits will Medit Link provide me? What is Medit Link’s future direction?


What is Medit Link?

Medit Link is an integrated communication system, a collaborative tool, for dentists and labs to easily communicate with one another. It is used to support patient-centered digital workflow, using an open source system and cloud storage to benefit all three parties involved: dentist, patient, and lab technician. Medit Link is a great way to improve your CAD processes and enhance communication with your partners. This leads us to the second question.


What benefits will Medit Link provide me?


Streamlined workflow management

Imagine no longer needing to scan the dataset, go to the computer, create a file folder specific to the patient and upload the scanned data, and then send it in an email. While you wait for the results, you may send an email to the lab in order to figure out the case’s status. This time-consuming process has been the norm with 3D scanning in dentistry. However, with Medit Link, manually managing uploading, sending, and organizing scan files is not necessary as it is accomplished by the software. This frees up time for dentists and technicians to work on the actual restoration work or new cases.


Case-specific information is displayed including information such as due dates, the case’s status and details, and the restoration type. Clinic and lab users can easily select and monitor cases from Medit Link. No longer needing to manually manage every little step is a great boon to the workflow. With the free cloud storage, all of your scan files will be secure in one area, easily accessible whenever and wherever needed. You can also use Medit Link to manage delivery dates, track the shipment, and facilitate payments. And on top of this, data transfer is very fast. Of course, you can export and manually transfer files if you want, but once you taste the benefits Medit Link will bring to your workflow, you will continue wanting more.


Easier communication and collaboration between partners

Medit Link makes communicating much easier. To reiterate, you can easily check on the status and information of the case, whether the payments have been completed, and everything is consolidated. This makes the partnership much easier and when there are problems, it is clear to both users, avoiding miscommunication. Due to Medit Link making your workflow much easier, it will help convince others to do business with you, helping your network grow.


Works in tandem with the i500

If you are looking for the perfect pairing, Medit Link and the i500 go hand-in-hand as the platform automatically recognizes the device. But of course Medit Link can also be used with other scanners. Not only can you register with the platform for free, it includes iCloud storage for all of your patient information. Scans are directly uploaded into Medit Link. You will no longer need to manually upload every scan as it is automatically done for you; truly a time-saving feature.


What is Medit Link’s future direction?

At Medit, we believe that providing excellent services is one of the most important qualities a company can offer. Medit Link uses an open system platform, letting you experience all the benefits open systems bring. Medit Link will continuously be improved to fit the needs of all users from both clinics and labs.  


Making your daily workflow easier is one of Medit Link’s major purposes. Consolidated information is much easier to follow, removing several steps for miscommunication between multiple parties causes fewer problems, and Medit Link’s future is bright. If you are interested in learning more or are wondering how you can get started with Medit Link, click here.



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