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Why Should I Learn About Dental CAD/CAM Solutions?

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Why do some people find it easy to integrate digital technology into their work flow while others struggle?

I know the question “WHY SHOULD I?” is the first thing that comes to mind when considering integrating technology into your work. Does it actually meet your needs? From my experience over the past 15 years, selling to and training clinicians and their teams, it’s not a simple question of why.

To illustrate my point, take a moment to answer these questions. Do you own a smartphone? Do you know how to take a photo with your smart phone? I think most of you would answer yes to these two questions. The next question you need to ask yourself is are you able to send the photo you have taken to a friend? Most of you will be able to, although some may struggle depending on the method chosen to send the photo. Even though the total number of people who can perform the second task may be lower from the first task of taking the photo, I believe that the drop in number is not significant.

The problem only happens when a new language (software) is required to modify the photo. I don’t know about you but I took a second language during my time in high school and college. However, not only did I struggle with my own native language, English, I was one of those who did not pick up my second language through formal education. In fact, it was not until my time in the military where I was posted overseas that I used a different language to communicate locally. For me, the key to being able to communicate in a second language was to use it on a regular basis. Once I stopped using it, I lost the ability to pick it up again. I don’t think my experience in picking up languages differs from many others.

But I digress. Back to the topic on Dentistry and integrating digital solutions into your work flow. If you can see where I’m coming from, struggling with a second language and not wanting to train new team members repetitively with varying results, then you can at least take comfort in the fact that solutions which allow you to capture and send digital information have increased in acceptance and led to a variety of many fabrication solutions. Not only are you able to design, fabricate and deliver on the same day, but the solutionist who understands the language (software) will be able to produce a wider range of appliances for your patients.

If you are still asking “Why”, here are some follow-up questions to your question, and my answers. 

  1. Q: Why do I need to adopt a digital solution?
    A: It is a timely collaboration with great solutions.
  2. Q: What is the first device which I need to purchase?
    A: An acquisition device to digitize your patients’ oral records.
  3. Q: Who should I work with when considering a purchase?
    A: A dealer, manufacturer or fabricator who understands your desired work flow.

Don’t let the fear and pressure of having to learn a new language stop you from deciding to integrate digital solutions into your workflow. You already know how to take a photo and send it. That’s a start. You just need to work with a partner who can help you in a successful digital work flow.


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