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Meet Medit’s Founder: Passion, Capacity, and Attitude (Part 1)

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Learn more about Medit’s founder and CEO Minho Chang and find out what led him to delve into the field of 3D technology as well as his personal values which allowed him to run a successful business. This is the first part of a two-part series.

“I had studied the principle of 3D technology for over ten years and thought that all this knowledge needs to be better utilized. Publishing papers is important as it furthers the field significantly, but I also wanted to apply my knowledge in a practical form and in a way that would contribute to the creation of something that benefits people. Something that helps to improve the business of others. It was this vision that prompted me to establish my own company.”

Medit’s CEO Minho Chang smiled while seated comfortably in the cozy meeting area in his fifth-floor office, located in one of the three buildings which houses his company today. His office is modern and tidy, sporting countless books and unsurprisingly, a standing desk – Chang is usually on the move a lot, visiting Medit’s various teams and departments to talk to his employees regularly.

“Our employees are our most valuable resource. However, to me, they are more than just a resource. They are the people with whom I spend most of my time. This is why I want people who have a passion for using their potential for a good purpose, for something that will help in bettering lives to join Medit. Because our solutions aim to do just that.”

His passion for creating something that contributes to society is evident throughout our talk. “Output is firstly a result of passion and capacity. In addition to finding employees that have the right passion, I have therefore also always aimed to hire only the best. I truly believe that at Medit we have the best and most capable people with the smartest minds. However, while passion and capacity is a range from zero to one hundred percent, the final component in the equation is attitude. Attitude acts as a multiplier – if it is negative, the outcome is bad, regardless of how high the other two components are. Our people have the right, positive attitude which is an important factor for Medit’s incredibly positive results.”




Taking a closer look at his successful path, Chang’s own passion, capacity, and attitude have proven to be a powerful combination. Starting out as a mechanical engineer, his interest eventually shifted to the future role that computers will play in this field as he believed in their growing importance. This was around 1989 when the domain was still far from being as advanced as it is today. “In this field, computer-aided design was the closest to engineering and therefore allowed me to utilize my knowledge to the fullest,” Chang explains.

As a CAD specialist, he developed a deep interest in the perfect dimension and the inevitable differences between actual and design geometry. This finally laid the base for him founding his own 3D scanning technology company in 2000. At first, the business focus was on solutions for quality inspection, reverse engineering and other industrial applications. “As I had always been most interested in the mass application of the 3D principle, I eventually discovered the dental field. Proper dental treatment requires proper geometry. So I arrived armed with my knowledge in 3D geometry to take on that challenge.”

And this endeavor has been a successful one so far. With the introduction of Medit’s intraoral scanner, its dental desktop 3D scanner line, and the workflow management and collaboration platform Medit Link, the company is set to continue conquering the international market.

Stay tuned for the second part of this series to learn about Chang’s secret to success, his advice for budding entrepreneurs, and his future hopes for his company and the digital dentistry field.


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