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Medit Link Workflow for Labs: Receiving & Processing Cases

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Is your dental lab just getting started with Medit Link? Now that you’ve registered and set up your account, what’s next? In this article, we will be walking you through the whole workflow for receiving and processing cases sent by clinics. It’s so simple, you really just need to read this once to get started.


The first step is to, of course, search for a clinic to set up a partnership with. Type in the clinic name in the search bar, click on the “Request Partnership” button, and wait for your new partner to accept your request.


Lab - Invite Partner


Once the clinic accepts your request, you will both be listed as partners on your respective accounts, and you can begin to receive orders from the clinic.

Lab - Partners List

To review the orders you have received, head over to your In Box, where you will be able to view all the cases you have received and check their status. Select any one of them to view its details and confirm the order to accept the case.


Lab - In Box


Now that you’ve confirmed the order, you can begin working on the case in your Work Box. Click on the case you’d like to work on and you will be redirected to the Work Details page where you will be able to perform various tasks such as scanning, working with linked CAD software, and exporting data.


Lab - Work Box


Once you’re done working on the case, it’s time to get the order shipped to the clinic. The case will be reflected as “Ready” in your In Box. Click on the case and you will be redirected to the Order Details page where you can enter shipping information; there is also an option for self-pick-up. Once you have inserted the relevant details, the status of the case will be updated to "Shipped" and your partner will be notified. If you have included tracking information, that will also be shared with your partner.


Lab - Case


After your partner receives the package and clicks “Confirm Delivery”, the status of the case in your In Box will be updated to “Completed”. That’s the entire workflow sans payment! Isn’t it so simple?


Want to simplify the workflow a little more? Set up a contract with your partner clinic in order to facilitate payment via Medit Link. But first, make sure that you have registered your price list. Once that is done, you can request for a contract with your chosen clinic under your partners’ list. If the clinic is agreeable to your price list and accept the contract, you will be able to receive payments as well as manage your payment history via Medit Link.


That’s all you need to know about the digital workflow on Medit Link. It’s now time to receive your first case!


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