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Medit Announces Huge Software Update + Mac Compatibility

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Medit has announced a huge software update for native software platforms, such as Medit Link, Medit Scan for Clinics, and Medit Scan for Labs.

Mac users will be happy to hear that amidst the announcement of various software improvements and new features, Medit has also revealed that Medit Link and Medit Scan for Clinics are finally available for Mac users!

Dentists using Mac can now access the following apps via Medit Link: Medit Design, Medit Temporaries, Medit Splints, and Medit Model Builder. Other Medit Apps will be available in a few weeks.

All you have to do is go to the Medit Link website and use the Mac OS installer in the download tab at the top.


Medit Mac - Medit Link - Medit


At the time of writing, Medit is the only intraoral scanner that is compatible with Mac - which is absolutely huge. We’ll go into more detail about how impactful this is down below, but this means a few things for Mac users:

  • - Minimal heat and fan noise from a MacBook compared to a Windows laptop
  • - MacBook does not need to be plugged into the wall for scanning all day long
  • - No bugs due to hardware fragmentation
  • - No worries about installing the latest driver or having to adjust devices settings
  • - Full utilization of the Apple ecosystem - iPad mirroring, iPhone remote control option, Apple Watch notifications.

Lots of reasons to smile if you’re a Mac user.


What does all this mean for you?

Before Medit came onto the scene, the intraoral scanner market was known to be expensive. Price was a major barrier that prevented many dentists from adopting digital dentistry. When Medit released the i500, they purposefully priced and marketed it as an affordable scanner to help more dentists get into digital dentistry.

This move has changed the intraoral scanner market significantly. Ever since, multiple Chinese manufacturers have introduced even cheaper scanners and well-established high-end brands such as 3Shape or Dentsply Sirona were forced to to review their prices to avoid being priced out the market.

These days, Medit scanners are mid-tier priced scanners. Medit has adjusted their strategy and started offering plenty of free apps that elevate their IOS from being impression-replacement devices only. This drove other companies to focus on their software as well.

The current updates and entirely new functions are a testament to Medit continuing with this strategy. They are not slowing down their software development and they still aim to differentiate themselves with the cheaper Chinese scanners, while also catching up with the expensive European brands.

Medit opening up to Mac users has the potential to be yet another market-altering step by the company. The Medit scanners are currently the only IOS devices that are compatible with Apple software and hardware. It’s extremely likely that other manufacturers start to look towards offering Mac compatibility to keep up with Medit - or find a new way to differentiate themselves entirely.

Whatever the outcome is, competition in the market is great for the consumer. It’s how we get cheaper prices, better products and innovative features.

It looks like Medit have changed the market, yet again.




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