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New Medit Link Feature: Case Talk

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Medit Link V2.2 - Case Talk

If you’re using a Clinic account on Medit Link and have upgraded to Medit Link V2.2, you may already be enjoying this new feature - Case Talk. In case you haven’t had the chance to update to the latest Medit Link version or haven’t checked out the latest features, read on to find out more about this new communication tool!




Ever wanted a better way of communicating with your patients? Case Talk is a new web-based service in Medit Link V2.2 meant to facilitate smoother communication between clinics and patients. What better way to explain details about a case than via visual aids? With Case Talk, you can share scan data with your patients so they can view their case information and discuss with you their treatment options.




Wait, but what’s the difference with the current web viewer links? Unlike public links, Case Talk web viewer links can only be accessed by members of the same group or via a QR or PIN code shared with your patient. So there’s no need to worry about privacy and security issues as all data is stored securely to avoid any instances of your data being compromised!



Now your patients can better communicate with you, referring to their own scan data to make annotations about anything they may have concerns or questions about!


See this new communication tool in action in the video below!



We’d like to thank Design Dental Clinic in Seoul, South Korea, for their kind support in collaborating with us to produce this short video to illustrate our Case Talk feature!


Find out more about how to use Case Talk in our help desk article.or let the community know your thoughts about the new Medit Link feature on our Facebook user group!


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