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Introducing the New Medit T-Series

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So, you may have heard, but we recently released our new Medit T-Series tabletop scanners with a completely new design and exciting new features.

What can you expect from the new Medit T-Series, you ask?

Besides the sleek and sophisticated design, the new line-up offers enhanced scanning performance, which was no mean feat, given the already high-performing machines of the previous models.

Like with the previous models, our scanners continue to operate on an open system so you can enjoy the freedom of working with virtually any software using our scan data.

Let’s now go through the upgrades to the hardware.


SNS_New T-Series Tease no 1


For a start, we’ve upgraded to 5-megapixel cameras, bringing you even more vivid and life-like images. Our flagship model, the Medit T710, is equipped with a 4-camera system to ensure no blind spots in your scan data, even with just one scan. This means that you can scan all the important interproximal areas, even without doing die-scanning.


SNS_New T-Series Teaser 4th


We’ve also designed our scanners to be more comfortable to work with. The new models have a wider scan area, allowing you to scan more objects at the same time, and perhaps more importantly, to fit huge articulators comfortably in an upright position for scanning. We’re also doing away with half-jigs by introducing our auto-elevation feature. All you need to do is to put your scanning object into the scanner and let it adjust to the right scanning height.


SNS 3_8 Scan_no text


On the more technical aspect, we’ve further improved our accuracy, going from 7 microns to 4 microns (ISO 12836), to capture the minute, intricate details of your models. So that you can produce well-designed, high-quality prosthetics without the worry of constant restoration adjustments. And we’ve once again challenged ourselves to bring you our fastest tabletop scanner, the Medit T710, which can scan a full-arch in just 8 seconds.

And that’s just the hardware.

Its accompanying scanning software, Medit Scan for Labs, comes packed with all kinds of useful functions, allowing you to work on all kinds of cases. But we’ll talk about that in our next article instead.

Stay tuned to find out more about the useful functions in Medit Scan for Labs that you should really check out for yourself!


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