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New iScan Function: Pre-Operation Scan Stage

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Have you tried out the new pre-operation scan stage in iScan yet? This new function allows you to acquire scan data of the pre-operation condition of a patient’s maxilla and mandible before preparing the tooth (or teeth) for treatment. If you’re unfamiliar with this function, read on to find out how it works and why you should use it.


You may be wondering about the benefits of using the pre-operation scan stage. The simple answer is that having this data allows you to provide better treatment to patients. This is because you can use this scan data as a base when planning the treatment in order to make prosthetics which closely resemble the natural tooth as much as possible. The function is especially useful as the scan data acquired in this stage contains detailed information about the contact area and margin of the pre-operation condition of the maxilla or mandible.


Ready to get started? Find out how to use the pre-operation scan stage and check out the various tools you can use during the pre-operation for maxilla and pre-operation for mandible stages. Additionally, you can also watch our useful tutorial video below.





Happy scanning!

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