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RedSalud and Medit: Revolutionizing Dental Care in Chile

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RedSalud and Medit:Revolutionizing Dental Care in Chile


RedSalud is a healthcare company based in Chile that operates a network of medical dental centers and clinics, offering a wide range of healthcare services to patients. With clinics, medical centers, and dental centers located across various cities in Chile, RedSalud plays a vital role in providing accessible healthcare to the population.



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Carolina Pattillo, CDO at RedSalud


Our network also functions as a Dental Service Organization (DSO), and our purpose is to be the leading private health network in Chile, providing accessible quality health available in different parts of the country and with human warmth. That is why their dentists focus on delivering quality patient care.


We have 45 dental clinics and over 1500 dentists throughout Chile, making it a prominent player in the country. As part of our digitalization strategy, we have chosen Medit as our technology partner for several compelling reasons.


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Medit, a company with a presence in the market since 2000, caught RedSalud's attention with their highly successful i500 intraoral scanner, which was introduced in 2018. This scanner gained recognition for its competitive pricing and outstanding performance. Since then, we have closely followed Medit's progress as a DSO and observed the company's continued development.


One of the key factors that led RedSalud´s team to choose Medit and the scanner i700 and i600 as their digitalization partner is Medit's ability to integrate with various software systems and provide solutions for managing key performance indicators (KPIs) associated with the implemented technology. Medit consistently delivers new features, updates, and enhancements, constantly striving to enhance the client experience. Both scanners have excellent performance in their hardware and software.

The fact that Medit's software, Medit Link, is cloud-based aligns perfectly with RedSalud's transition towards cloud-based systems for their radiology picture archiving and communication system (PACS), clinical files, and both clinical and administrative management software. This cloud-based approach ensures greater flexibility, accessibility, and scalability for RedSalud's operations.

We, as RedSalud, greatly value the excellent support and communication provided by the Medit team and their representative in the country 3Dental that has been very important in supporting the development of the project. Furthermore, we also appreciate the fast and efficient learning curve experienced by dentists, regardless of their specialty, when using Medit's technology.

Here are a few noteworthy features of the Medit scanner i700 and i600 that influenced RedSalud's decision to digitize their entire DSO starting in 2022:


  1. The scanner hardware boasts impressive scanning speed and accuracy, which gives an excellent performance highlighted by dentists.
  2. Powerful software: Medit's software offers a broad range of tools, enabling all specialists within RedSalud to achieve excellent results.
  3. Integration with CAD design software: The scanner allows seamless communication with CAD design software like exocad, facilitating efficient workflows, particularly since we possess our milling center and lab.
  4. Ai capabilities: The scanner efficiently eliminates artifacts such as the tongue, cheeks, or gloves, thanks to its advanced AI capabilities.
  5. Compact and lightweight design: RedSalud prioritized a suitable size and weight scanner, and Medit's scanner met these requirements.
  6. Remote control button for cross-infection control: The scanner includes a remote control button, contributing to optimal cross-infection control protocols.
  7. User-friendly workflow: Medit's scanner offers an intuitive workflow and excellent tools, ensuring ease of use for RedsSalud's dental professionals.
  8. Open system with abundant apps: The system's openness and extensive library provide RedSalud with flexibility and additional capabilities.
  9. Autoclavable scanning heads: The removable and autoclavable scanning heads allow optimal cross-infection control. These heads can be autoclaved up to 150 times, ensuring hygiene standards are maintained.

By selecting Medit as our digitalization partner, RedSalud aims to leverage the advanced capabilities and benefits of Medit's technology to enhance our dental services and improve patient care across our network of clinics and dental practices.