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The digital future of dental clinic and lab collaboration

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As the old adage goes, “two heads are better than one.”


With the advent of digital technology, collaboration between the dental lab and clinics has never been easier. Generally, collaboration is becoming integral for so many people worldwide and that includes dentists and lab technicians. It is now a crucial aspect for the future of the dental world.

As the world gets smaller under the forces of globalization and technology, collaborating with others will foster stronger relationships, yield greater and more efficient results, and create a much easier process for the parties involved. Here are things to consider when looking at the future of collaboration in digital dentistry.


Collaboration will foster stronger relationships.


Working together is how humans build relationships. The stronger the relationship, the deeper loyalty becomes. With the world constantly changing in the face of technology, we need to drop anchor to avoid drifting away by the wave of change. One of the most effective ways of survival is through cooperation and relationships. As collaboration becomes essential to the future of dentistry, clinics and labs will work together to provide the greatest results to meet each other's goals. This collaboration will be key to staying afloat for both parties. 


Collaboration will lead to greater and more efficient results.


Computer technology continues to evolve and lead to greater technology and software. Today, digital face and voice communication is widespread and increasingly used with smartphones. Dentists and lab technicians will be able to communicate in real-time to provide information about the scans provided by digital scanners. Lab technicians can directly tell the dentist what information is missing without delay. This aspect of collaboration will be of great importance to dental clinics and labs. 


Collaboration will create a much easier process for the parties involved.


With digital dental technology making huge leaps, collaboration between dentists and technicians not only provides efficient results, it also is a simpler process in general. Video chatting and photo sharing are immediate and remove the longer wait times from the past. Dental equipment, such as intraoral scanners, has greatly improved – scans and restorations are more accurate than ever before. The scanning process is quicker with the newer equipment which also helps reduce waiting time for both dentists and technicians. And colored scans can also greatly enhance identification and accuracy of the scans, leading to better products. Open CAD/CAM systems are great for collaboration between others and help combine skills to make ideal products through 3D scanning and printing.


Collaboration between dental labs and clinics has a role in the future of the dental industry. Technology is making it easier and sharing information will help improve technology even further. Not only will collaborating help make the scanning and impression creation process easier, it will become more efficient. And as technology continues to drastically change life, having strong bonds with other people will provide you with the anchor to weather the change.  


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