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The Medit i500 - Quality in your Hands

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The Medit i500 is the latest technology from Medit. You may have been carefully following along with it or are just hearing about it today but with all the information out there, you may be wondering,


How will the Medit i500 benefit me?


This article will help summarize the major benefits that the i500 will bring you and provide you with the necessary information to help you best understand what this exciting new technology is all about!


First of all, how will the Medit i500 benefit you? Let’s break the benefits down into three categories: savings, convenience, and customer service. Time to explain.


Benefit 1: Savings


This word “savings” is used to describe three main ideas: money, time, and materials. With the Medit i500, you’ll experience unparalleled quality with a very competitive price. The high return-on-investment is part of the money savings you will experience with the Medit i500 as your inputs will remain low throughout the life of the machine. The second saving, time, is due to the i500’s scanning speed. It uses two high-speed cameras and has an intelligent scan-detection algorithm. Due to faster scanning, you will save time. Finally, you’ll also save on materials. As with all digital scanners, you won’t need materials for creating molds. However, with the i500, you also won’t need powder for most cases. As the first benefit, savings will go a long way for your clinic. However, it isn’t the only benefit!


Benefit 2: Convenience


The i500 is convenient for the user. For starters, it has a single button on the machine. With a click of the finger, you can start or stop the scanning while holding the scanner at your own convenience. It produces scans in high resolution and in color, so you can easily distinguish margin lines and tissue. The scanner itself is lightweight, taking less effort to hold it for extended periods of time. And while scanning, you are able to monitor what is being captured with a 3D in-motion video on the screen next to you. Another aspect to point out is that the i500 is partnered with Medit Link. Medit Link is an integrated communication system that further enhances the user experience, allowing you to easily transfer scanning files between clinic and lab.


Benefit 3: Customer service


The final major beneficial category is a great customer experience. Your customers will love the Medit i500 for a variety of reasons. Obviously having an intraoral scanner in the mouth is generally preferable to a sticky mold, but scanners have their downsides too. Medit has tackled the common problem of too large of a scanner tip. The i500 actually has a smaller tip than average, which fits a lot more conveniently in the mouth, allowing for more comfort and easier maneuverability. Because the scan time is quick, the amount of chair time will not only be less for you but less for your customer as well. The i500 is also very accurate, needing a reduced number of scanning retakes. When you do happen to miss a part that needs scanning, you simply need to scan that small area as opposed to starting over from scratch. And if your scan misaligns, the intelligent scan recognition will quickly locate where you had left off. This will make your customer happier with both the scanning experience and with the scanning result. And what business does not want happy customers?


When deciding to purchase an intraoral scanner, you want to know how it will best help you in your clinic. The i500 will provide you with various benefits such as numerous savings, a convenient experience, and improved customer care.


If you would like to hear from a current Medit i500 user, please check our interview with Dr. Yun of Columbia Dental Clinic in Seoul, South Korea. 


You can find out more about the Medit i500 on our website. 


Discover Medit i500 


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