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The MEDIT Times - Best Practices of August 2022 - Dr. Atsushi Yamashita

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If you're a member of Medit's official user group on Facebook, it's hard not to pass by videos created by Dr. Atsushi Yamashita.

We would like to introduce Dr. Yamashita with this cool clip!




Below are some of Dr. Yamashita's wonderful works showing how to utilize Medit Apps or introducing our newly released Small Tip.

We also want you to share your workflow and useful tips with us by joining the Medit Users Group on Facebook or by emailing us at mktg@medit.com.

Those featured in the MEDIT Times will receive a box of our new small tips (valued at USD 300) as a thank you gift.

We always love to hear your feedback!



Snore Guard with Medit Splints & Design


Powered by A.I.-based analysis, Medit Splints allows users to create splints

in just a few easy steps.

Dr. Yamashita used the app's Auto Creation mode to create a snore guard

and utilized features of Medit Design to make minor modifications and

check its compatibility.



For more on Medit Splints, please click here.



Temporaries without Pre-Operation Data


Users can create a temporary crown without pre-operation data by mirroring the data for the same name tooth of the opposite side with a 3D printer software and importing lower jaw meditMesh data from Medit Design.


+ For Multiple Teeth


Dr. Yamashita utilized Medit Ortho Simulation, Design, and Temporaries to create temporary crowns for multiple teeth.


For more on Medit Temporaries, please click here.



Medit Design & Ortho Simulation


Dr. Yamashita made use of both CT and scan data with Medit Ortho Simulation and Design to review the amount of root movement before and after orthodontic treatment.


For more on Medit Ortho Simulation, please click here.



First Impression of the Small Tip


The Small Tip was designed to enable stress-free treatments for hard-to-scan areas and patients with limited mouth opening.



Tip size-1
  • - About 70% the size of Medit's
  •    normal tip
  • - Autoclavable up to 150 times
  • - Can be used with i600, i700,
  •   and i700 wireless

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