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The MEDIT Times - Best Practices of August 2022

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Pocketed Splint for Whitening Using Medit Apps

By Alexandru Bogdan


Pocketed Splint for Whitening Using  Medit Apps - Medit


Dr. Alexandru Bogdan used Medit Design and Medit Splints to create a pocketed splint for whitening.


HubSpot Video


Pocket Preparation Using Medit Design

- The pocket area is selected in the duplicate function mode.
- The resulting base of pockets is thickened.
- The borders of the resulting pockets can be smoothed.
- The resulting pockets are merged to the model with the boolean tool's first option.


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Splint Design Using Medit Splints

- A splint is designed with the insertion direction in mind to have most of the   vestibular surfaces of teeth to be whitened visible.
- The thickness of the splint must be at least 0.3 mm greater than the thickness of     the pockets.
- The splint must encompass a little part of the fixed gingiva of the teeth to be   whitened.



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Pockets Cut From Initial Splint Using Medit Design

- The splint and model are imported together with the first model of the jaw and the pocket model.
- The splint model must be aligned to the jaw model, and the splint will be repositioned to the jaw model as a group with the splint model.
- The boolean "Cut" function is used to select the splint as A and pocket model as B.
- The result is the whitening tray!



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8 Crown Preparations & Immediate Temporaries on the Same Day

By Anurag Gupta




Dr. Anurag Gupta completed eight crown preparations and printed immediate temporaries on the same day using the MEDIT i500.

"The ability to import an existing STL and then continue scanning in Medit makes these cases much more straightforward."


2022-08-17 14.19.25


The case was scanned with the MEDIT i500, the wax-up was done in exocad, and printed on Ackuretta SOL with PacDent resin. The total appointment time was four hours 15 minutes.




Smart Shade Guide

By Sameh Shaaban




Dr. Sameh Shaaban compared the accuracy of Medit Smart Shade Guide by comparing it with the results of the X-Rite Shade Matching System.

"Promising feature!"

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