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The MEDIT Times - The First and Only Scanning & CAD Apps on Mac

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We hope our users are enjoying scanning and CAD workflows on Mac computers!

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Medit Scanning on Mac


For any users who have missed out, Medit Link and Medit Scan for Clinics are finally compatible with Apple Mac computers.

Coupled with Medit's continuous developments in scanning technology, the benefits of using a Mac include the following:

- Minimal heat and fan noise
- Fewer cables for a smart, flexible workspace
- Zero wait time
- No bugs due to hardware fragmentation
- No worries about installing the latest driver or having to adjust device settings
- Full utilization of the Apple ecosystem - iPad mirroring, iPhone remote control option, Apple Watch notifications.

MacBooks are known for their long battery life and enable all-day scanning without having to be plugged into the wall for power.

Medit continues to transform the intraoral scanner market, and opening up to Mac users has the potential to be yet another market-altering step by the company.

And this was all made possible with the help of our Mac-loving Chief Technology Officer, Michael Lee.



A Message from Michael - The MEDIT Times - Medit


Dear all Medit users,

As a long-time fanboy of Mac, I’ve always dreamt of using Medit scanners with Mac computers. I also observed the inconvenience of many Mac-using dentist lecturers having to separately carry heavy Windows PCs for their scanning and CAD workflows, and continuously received requests for Mac compatibility from them.

When Apple introduced the M1 Pro and its M1-equipped products, I became sure that I could bring my long-time dream into reality. Many users remain familiar with the Windows PC environment, but I wanted to bring to Medit users the best user experience provided by the combination of macOS and Apple Silicon (M1/M2) based Mac computers.

Until now, all intraoral scanners have been heavily dependent on high-performance PCs. Without using a dedicated cart solution that is hard to upgrade, users had to get used to the various problems brought by hardware fragmentation and the inconveniences of overheating, fan noise, and power cables that inevitably accompany high-performance PCs.

Now, the combination of a MacBook and a Medit scanner (i600, i700, i700 wireless) frees users from the problems and supports all-day, high-performance scanning with just a USB-C cable. High-performance scanning is easily supported even on the basic MacBook Air M1.

To realize this dream, Medit’s team of leading developers reorganized all of Medit’s software architecture and codebase over the past year. Extreme optimization of algorithms and software was required to ensure excellent scanning performance on even Macs with minimum specs.

With the release of Medit Link v3.0, we now have a system in which we can simultaneously release Windows and Mac versions of Medit Link and Medit Apps. In addition to just scanning on Macs, Medit Apps support various CAD workflows and the scope will only increase with time.

We want to share the wonderful experience provided by the seamless user experience of the Mac and the Apple ecosystem combined with the Medit intraoral scanner and the Medit Link cloud platform—connected by just one USB-C cable.

Michael Lee.



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