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The MEDIT Times - Best Practices of December 2022

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Hope you've been waiting for your monthly dose of the Medit Times!

We're delighted to share the cases below in our last edition of the year.

We always encourage you to share your workflow and useful tips with us by joining the Medit Users Group on Facebook or by emailing us at mktg@medit.com.

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Bridge Preparation & Design

By Milos Ljubicic



HubSpot Video



This case was presented live by Dr. Milos Ljubicic at Interdent Slovenia.

To create a bridge, the lower dental arch was scanned using the i700 wireless.

The bridge was designed using Medit Model Builder, Medit Temporaries, and Medit Smart Shade Guide.

After the temporary bridge was printed, it was completed with color characterization by Samir Berisalić.


Bridge Preparation & Design - The MEDIT Times - Medit



Predictable Margin Lines via Digital Dentistry

By Aaron Carmean


Predictable Margin Lines via Digital Dentistry - The MEDIT Times - Medit



With the following method, Dr. Aaron Carmean has gotten predictable results in the last two years:


  1. #1 cord is soaked in Hemodent. The cord is placed and packed, then rinsed off well.
  2. 3M retraction paste is applied liberally over the cord.
  3. Patient bites on a couple of 2x2 gauze for five minutes.
  4. Scan the opposite and then the prep arch. Delete the tooth that is prepped, and toggle the HD button on.
  5. Pull the cord and rinse vigorously with the air/water spray. Suction and then blow the prep dry.
  6. Scan the prepped tooth in HD mode.
  7. Scan the bite last.


He even created a training video of the technique to share with doctors who were struggling.

Check out the video below!


Predictable Margin Lines via Digital Dentistry - The MEDIT Times - Medit




Temporary Shell with Medit Design

By Il-seok Song



Temporary Shell with Digital Dentistry - The MEDIT Times - Medit


Dr. Il-seok Song's treatment plan consisted of the extraction of tooth #22, immediate guided implant surgery, and immediate provision.

In combination with exocad's implant guide software, he used Medit Design to create a temporary shell design for his patient.


Temporary Shell with Digital Dentistry - The MEDIT Times - Medit