The MEDIT Times - Best Practices of July 2022 - Edition 1

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We are pleased to present the first July edition of the MEDIT Times, where we share some of the most fantastic Medit moments from our users.

We hope this newsletter empowers our users to further explore digital dentistry.

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"Are you using the Smart Shade Guide?"

By Atsushi Yamashita



HubSpot Video



The Smart Shade Guide recommends the closest shade of tooth color using A.I.-powered data analysis.



For more on the Smart Shade Guide, please click here.




"Keep Mediting!!!"

By Alexandru Bogdan


Tray Design - Custom Tray - Medit


"This is a particular tray design I use when confronted with the impossibility of aligning a CT mesh to a jaw where radiolucent materials where used be it for temporary or definitive restorations. When reinserting it on the jaw, after washing it with radio opaque material, one has to make sure it is completely seated and this has to be checked."




"Hybrid Emergency Fix"

By Paul Zhivago


"This was a really bad emergency situation – broken acrylic maxillary hybrid on Thursday, and your youngest son is getting married on Sunday. What to do?"


Denture Scanning - Medit - Intraoral Scanning


"This is what we did:
Scanned the broken prosthesis and overlaid an exocad design of teeth where the missing teeth were. Then created a mock-up print and a PVS matrix. We prepped the acrylic hybrid in a way that we would get some sort of mechanical retention and added monobond to it as well to have chemical retention. Chairside time was about 30 minutes to connect it and add some Gradia pink composite to also fix the gingival part that broke off. This was a good start to help the patient in this difficult situation and ensure a temporary for a while.
3D dental hack!"


Denture Scanning - Medit - Intraoral Scanning

Denture Scanning - Medit - Intraoral Scanning


For more on denture scanning, please click here.