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The MEDIT Times - Transforming Digital Dentistry

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The MEDIT Times - Medit


In this edition of the Medit Times, we are thrilled to share that Medit has been featured in the CBS Global Thought Leaders Innovation and Disruption Leaders series.

It shows how Medit has been working to transform the digital dentistry landscape with its state-of-art technology and commitment to accessibility.

By offering cost-effective solutions, Medit has enabled dental professionals to deliver precise and efficient treatment, revolutionizing patient care.

Our customer-centric approach has also positioned us as a trusted leader in the industry.

Medit continues to be dedicated to providing accessible and innovative solutions that benefit both dentists and patients.

We hope you enjoy the video below!


Transforming Digital Dentistry - The MEDIT Times - Medit



ClinicCAD Open Beta - Medit Apps - Medit

Have you tried our open beta?


In line with our dedication to providing more digital dentistry solutions, we are working on a new app!


Medit ClinicCAD is an easy-to-use CAD solution for the in-office creation of dental appliances. The app provides workflows for designing the following types of restorations:

- Crown

- Coping

- Bridge (with pontics)

- Eggshell-type restoration

- Inlay/Onlay

- Cervical Inlay

- Veneer


We are working to improve the app until the official release, and we want to know your thoughts on it.

Help us perfect the app!

Get your beta from App Box now, try it out, and send your feedback to beta@medit.com by the beginning of August.

Click here to go to Medit Link.



Don't forget to share your favorite cases to be featured in the next edition of the Medit Times!

We encourage our users to share workflows and valuable insights by joining the Medit Users Group on Facebook or by emailing us at mktg@medit.com.

Those featured in the MEDIT Times will receive a box of tips as a small thank you gift.

We always welcome and value your feedback!