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The MEDIT Times - Best Practices of June 2022

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"Reality vs. Scan"

By Sameh Shaaban




This is scan data compared to the image of the same area, except there is nothing to compare. The Curvature Display Mode makes it more comfortable and easier to draw such accurate margin lines. Check out the video below.


For more tips on margin line creation, please click here.




"Digital vs. Reality"

By Mohammed El-Sayed Abdulhady


Mohammed El-Sayed Abdulhady-1

Mohammed El-Sayed Abdulhady


Here is another reason to never worry about the accuracy of intraoral scanning. The scanner used in this case, the i700, has a full-arch accuracy of 10 microns.



"Digital dentistry will improve your work in spite of yourself"

By Mohammed El-Sayed Abdulhady




All a dentist needs to make the crown fit perfectly is precise scan data of the patient’s teeth using the i700.





To get results like these, have a look at the checklist for intraoral scanning!