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The MEDIT Times - Best Practices of May 2023 - Dr. Mohammed El-Sayed Abdulhady

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The MEDIT Times - Medit


In this edition of the Medit Times, we are proud to share how Dr. Mohammed El-Sayed Abdulhady restores smiles and confidence for his patients.

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Case #1

Smile Makeover



This 28-year-old patient came in saying she has never smiled confidently.

Using Medit Smile Design, Dr. Mohammed El-Sayed Abdulhady designed a new smile for the patient and gained consent for treatment.

The treatment consisted of two veneers and two crowns due to the patient's financial situation.

He then implemented esthetic gingivectomy procedures to elevate zenith points.


Smile Makeover - The Medit Times - Medit



Case #2

A Fully Digital Protocol for a New Smile



A patient was suffering from caries in the anterior incisors.

She had retroclined teeth and badly designed PFM bridges on both sides.


A Fully Digital Protocol for a New Smile - The Medit Times - Medit


The patient needed root canal treatment for teeth number 11 and 12, and veneers for the others.

On tooth number 26, Dr. Mohammed El-Sayed Abdulhady placed an immediate implant.

Functional crown lengthening was performed for premolars on both sides to gain ferrule.

The outcome was a perfect smile.


A Fully Digital Protocol for a New Smile - The Medit Times - Medit



Case #3

Digitally Overcoming Challenges



This 38-year-old male patient hasn't smiled since 12 years ago due to badly-looking teeth.

Many challenges were overcome in this case.

Dr. Mohammed El-Sayed Abdulhady had to maintain the vertical dimension of occlusion before starting with the case.



Mixed crowns, veneers, a vonlay, and endocrowns were fabricated for the patient.

In several visits, however, the doctor only had to cut the tooth that he had prepared and completed his work in seconds.


Digitally Overcoming Challenges - The Medit Times - Medit



Case #4

Esthetic & Functional Veneers



This patient was suffering from enamel hypoplasia after orthodontic treatment and several restorative procedures.

The only way to restore a healthy smile was to create esthetic and functional veneers.


Esthetic & Functional Veneers - The Medit Times - Medit


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