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The MEDIT Times - Best Practices of October 2022 - Dr. Mohammed El-Sayed Abdulhady

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We would like to introduce the Smile Expert, Dr. Mohammed El-Sayed Abdulhady.

An active member of Digital Smile Design, Dr. Abdulhady loves bringing smiles to his patients' faces.

He says all of Medit's apps and continuous updates help him to amaze and convince his patients by presenting them with HD scans and digital treatment simulations.

As a dentist, Dr. Abdulhady enjoys the very fast scanning speed of his Medit i700, sending his data to labs anywhere in the world with a single click, utilizing his 3D printer without the need for other programs, and finishing his digital workflow in just one hour.

Below are some of Dr. Abdulhady's works showing how to utilize Medit hardware and software.

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Full Arch Rehabilitation




A patient with bad oral hygiene had just one week for treatment.



Medit hardware and software were helpful for planning, designing,

and placing the final restoration.



Medit Temporaries was used to design the bridge.




The after photo was taken immediately after cementation as the patient had little time.

Even so, you can see that we had great results.


For more on Medit Temporaries, please click here.



Creating a Bridge with

Medit Temporaries



"From scan to finish, complete your work with passion and precision with Medit. No word can describe our gratitude for continuous application updates that we always get to help ourselves and our patients. Everything becomes easier and faster than we can imagine!"



Watch this video for a quick guide on how to design temporaries using
Medit Temporaries!



A Full Digital Smile Makeover
with Medit Smile Design


"Fantastic result for myself and my kind patient!"


Photo 08-03-2022, 10 47 20 PM


For more on Medit Smile Design, please click here.



Reality & Digital Dentistry


Reality_Digital Dentistry


Accurate scans like these are obtained using the Medit i700.

Dr. Abdulhady is the first i700 user in Egypt.


To get results like these, have a look at the checklist for intraoral scanning.



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