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The MEDIT Times - Best Practices of October 2022

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We're incredibly grateful to see the amazing works of our users on social media.

We're sharing the cases below in hopes that they inspire more users to bring fast and effective digital workflows to their clinics!

We also want you to share your workflow and useful tips with us by joining the Medit Users Group on Facebook or by emailing us at mktg@medit.com.

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"Favorite Implant Loading Protocol"

By Mostafa Samy Saad


HubSpot Video


The idea is to create a soft tissue profile with the final crown itself.

Check out the simple steps below!


Pre-implant exposure - Digital Dentistry - Medit


1. Scan the pre-implant exposure.


Implant & Scan Body Scan -  Digital Dentistry - Medit

Implant & Scan Body Scan -  Digital Dentistry - Medit


2. Expose the implant and place the scan body.




3. After designing the desired soft tissue profile with Medit Apps, load the implant and see the magic!


This case was scanned using the Medit i700.



Printed Crown & Bridge Temporary Workflow

By Sameh Shaaban


image 2-1


Dr. Sameh Shaaban used Medit Temporaries to deliver a screw-retained monolithic zirconia crown.


Printed Crown & Bridge Temporary Workflow


For more on Medit Temporaries, please click here.



Tubes & Volumetric Connections

By Alexandru Bogdan


HubSpot Video


"This is a quick workaround for building tubes and volumetric connections between pieces of design. Look at the new possibilities of Medit Design v2.1!"


For more on Medit Design, please click here.



When You Have 2 Scanners...

By George Safwat Habib


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