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The MEDIT Times - Best Practices of September 2022 - Dr. Sameh Shaaban

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Commonly referred to as the Medit Man, Dr. Sameh Shaaban loves to share his digital workflows and enjoys bringing hope for the hopeless.

In our first September edition of the Medit Times, we would like to share how he utilizes Medit hardware and software!

We also want you to share your workflow and useful tips with us by joining

the Medit Users Group on Facebook or by emailing us at mktg@medit.com.

Those featured in the MEDIT Times will receive a box of our new small tips (valued at USD 300) as a thank you gift.

We always love to hear your feedback!



Screw Retained Implant Crown Using

Medit Apps


HubSpot Video


"I used Medit Design to align a stock abutment to the scan body, and used the beta version of Medit Temporaries to design the final screw-retained monolithic zirconia crown. It was amazing to just use Medit Apps to deliver the final screw-retained implant crown."


For more on Medit Design, please click here.



Post & Core


HubSpot Video


"The scanning depth was AMAZING! This was for custom post and core fabrication, and I used Medit Design to segment the teeth."


Post & Core - Medit Design - Digital Dentistry - Medit



"First Time in Scanning History?"


"In this case, I used CBCT STL files as pre-operative data. Despite the amount of artifacts, the scanner used A.I. to directly scan the surface."



HubSpot Video


"I think this is the first scanner in history to do this. Literally magic."



Identifying the Problem for

a Perfect-Fitting Crown


Intraoral Scanning - Digital Dentistry - Medit


"I found that my final crowns weren't fitting well.


Intraoral Scanning - Digital Dentistry - Medit


By scanning before delivery using the i700 wireless and comparing the two sets of data using Medit Design,


Intraoral Scanning - Digital Dentistry - Medit


I was able to find a solution and regain space."


To get results like these, have a look at the checklist for intraoral scanning.



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