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What should you use for your file sharing and CAD/CAM data platform?

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There are several methods to send files between different organizations such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive. However, there are issues regarding each of these standard methods for transferring data between parties. Uploading documents may take time and the documents must be organized in a quick and accessible area. Tracking your progress may require sending several emails back and forth, including the wait time between each email sent. You may also care about file security and recovery in case of accidental deletion.


With all of these potential headaches, you may be wishing for a more integrated, streamlined communication system where both or all parties have quick and easy access to. Well they exist! Integrated communication systems such as Medit Link are more efficient and save you time and money in the long run. We shall look at the Medit Link system through its benefits of upload speed, easy communication, accessible progress tracking, quick and understandable project overviews, and file security and recovery.


Upload speed


A major benefit with Medit Link is that when you scan teeth using an intraoral scanner, it is automatically uploaded into Medit Link. It uploads directly into the patient’s file containing all of the rest of the patient’s data. There is no separate file that you manually have to upload and wait for it to finish uploading. This omits a step thus shortening the overall scanning process by saving you time. On top of this, the scan is easily accessible by the lab, without needing to specifically send it to them as well. Automatic uploads, consolidated data, and easy accessibility are clear advantages of integrated communication systems like Medit Link.




Having a shared mode of communication between labs and clinics makes the entire impression-making process much easier. Both dentists and technicians can work on the same project at the same time using Medit Link. Having all the communication for each project through one system.


Progress tracking


Rather than having to email your partner or client to find out the progress status for the impression, with Medit Link, you’re directly able to see which step in the process the impression is at. This saves you energy without needing to constantly check on progress, freeing you of both time and worry.


Consolidated overview


There is nothing easier and more convenient than having all of your data in one place. Scans, patient information, progress tracking all in one general overview makes things easier for you and your clients or partners. New technology has created the expectation for convenience and the same goes with communication systems. Medit Link provides clear-cut and easy to understand overviews for every project.


File security and recovery


With integrated communication systems, your files are protected. Medit Link provides security for your files all under one structure. If you accidentally delete a file on your computer, do not worry. It can be recovered through Medit Link. And rather than having some files on one hard drive, some on an external hard drive, and some located in some other system, you’ll be able to have them all in one place for your convenience.


Although other file sharing systems are great and have widespread use, having an integrated communication system like Medit Link provides you with ease, convenience, and accessibility all in one. Sharing information between lab and clinic has never been easier. Time is saved by having scans directly uploaded and all organized under patient data in the system. And progress is tracked efficiently throughout the whole process. These are reasons companies pride themselves on their integrated systems, Medit included!


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