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What to Expect with Medit Scan for Labs

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We’ve brought our new lab scanning software under the same roof as our clinic scanning software, on Medit Link! Introducing Medit Scan for Labs (previously called tScan during beta)!


For those of you who tried out our beta version, you already know about all the amazing features in the new software but here’s our attempt to condense all of that into a blog article. If you’ve been with us for a while now and have been using colLab, the good news is that you’ll find a lot of familiar functions on the new software. The better news is, there are more than just the functions you can find on colLab!

Let’s start with what’s new, shall we?


Auto-alignment with base prep


This feature is a particular favorite with our clinic users – auto-alignment. The Auto-alignment with Base/Prep feature automatically aligns prepared teeth with the base and/or occlusion data, for your convenience. Speaking of convenience, now you longer need to wait for a case to be processed before proceeding to scan the next case because post-processing can be done in the background for maximum efficiency!


Customized scan sequence


We’ve also introduced the Customized Scan Sequence feature for labs, so you can now enjoy the flexibility of choosing your own scan sequence. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the scan stages in your preferred sequence to suit your working style and needs.


i500 integration


You can also select specific parts you’d like to scan in high resolution to obtain HD data of only the necessary parts, reducing both the time taken for the scan and the file size. That's not all. You can also add scans using our Medit i500 intraoral scanner to get to the deepest spots!




As mentioned earlier, you can still enjoy colLab features on Medit Scan for Labs. Such as the Advanced Precise Color Texture feature which allows you to capture vivid color texture scans, including hand-marked margins or handwritten notes.

You can still create your dentures comfortably with the functions for replica dentures and partial dentures, and you can capture the important interproximal areas with the Interproximal Area Scan for Orthodontics function. This particular function works extremely well with our new Medit T710 which allows you to scan an unsectioned model and still capture the interproximal areas clearly!


We can go on and on about all the features you can find on the software but why not try it for yourself instead? You can read the full release notes and download the update here.


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