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Medit Link v1.2.0 Release Note

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Medit Link v1.2.0 has just been released. Find out more about the new features as well as all improvements and watch our useful tutorial videos.


[Medit Link v1.2.0]


- Deleting a case is now available

  • You can delete cases created in Scan Box or Work Box. You can also delete specific files in the case. Deleted cases can be found in the Trash Box and they can be restored or permanently deleted.


- Scanbody step is added when Post & Core is set

  • If a form containing Post & Core is created in the updated version of Medit Link, the Scanbody step is added in iScan.
    If the form, which contains Post & Core, is created in versions earlier than 1.2.0, the Scanbody step will not be displayed in iScan. In this case, you can alternatively modify the form in the updated version of Medit Link and after that you will be able to see the Scanbody step in iScan.


- Post processing enhancements

  • You can now cancel the post-processing of a case or change the priority of post-processing for a specific case.


- Additional status display in Scan Box

  • If the artifact of the case has been delivered, the 'Completed' label is now displayed in the Scan Box as well.
    The status "Pending" is displayed before the post-processing starts.


- Web improvement
  • It is now possible to modify a contract that has already been accepted with new contract terms. Additionally, we have changed the wording for the price negotiation function from 'Price Adjustment' to 'Negotiable'.


- Integration with colLab Scan

  • You can now run colLab Scan directly from Medit Link. After creating a case in the Work Box, click the 'Scan' button, and the case will be executed in colLab Scan.
    When you run colLab Scan on Medit Link, the merging process is done by the Medit Link Task Manager in the background, which allows you to scan a different case without having to wait for the completion of the merging process.
    You can add the Scan program and the CAD program in the 'Set Linked Program' section. In addition, if the colLab Scan program is installed, it automatically searches and registers colLab Scan in Medit Link.

- Medit Link Simplified Chinese version

  • The application is now available in Simplified Chinese.

- Fixed bugs

  • The issue of not being able to set a bridge for a missing tooth between the teeth with treatment information was fixed.


[Medit iScan v1.1.1.2]

  • More accurate and stable result data is provided with an improved alignment algorithm. 
  • A tool for editing occlusion data has been included: Soft tissue data may negatively affect occlusion alignment results. In this case, you can now get a more precise occlusion alignment result if you remove the soft tissue data from the occlusion data.



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