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Why is it important for exocad users that open systems prevail?

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Technological advancement has led to the creation of so many new and exciting breakthroughs with one being the digital world. Through digital technology, digital dentistry came to be and is now taking its place in clinics and laboratories across the world.


A large portion of the driving force behind the digital dentistry revolution is CAD/CAM. With CAD/CAM software, we are now able to design restorations from scans, thus being able to replace traditional methods of restoration creation with a more effective, time-saving, user-friendly system.


exocad, a dental CAD/CAM software company, has attracted users worldwide to further improve the field of digital dentistry. Part of the success with exocad has been due to its implementation of an open system. exocad, as being one part of the open system key-chain, provides the user with freedom of choice regarding their scanners/milling machines. You can choose from a vast variety of products that can be specialized to your personal needs and budgets. Therefore, it is very important for exocad users that open systems continue to succeed and prevail into the future.


Product choice and innovation of systems are important for the future of exocad users


Part of the success with an open system is you have a greater range of choices to choose from. Being able to choose the perfect scanner for your needs makes the open system more attractive.


Let's say you desire an intraoral scanner you fell in love with from a manufacturer at an exhibition. If it implements an open system as well, it will easily be able to integrate with exocad. When new updates are released, your clinic or laboratory can easily keep up with the newly released technology provided by your scanner manufacturer.  


As open systems work within the market. In order to increase market share, one needs to provide a superior product in the eyes of the consumers. This leads to innovation and new technology, improving the standard for everyone.


Over the past years exocad users could experience a high increase in productivity due to third party integrations into the exocad software. Open CAD/CAM system users, such as exocad users, benefit from the partnerships with scanner and milling machine manufacturers that have enabled users to interact effortless while offering high quality and convenience for a fragment of the price that a closed system usually charges. 


The partnerships forged in the open CAD/CAM ecosystem have enhanced the user experience


The benefits and needs go both ways. exocad users need innovative and high-quality scanner manufacturers. At the same time, these scanner manufacturers need open CAD/CAM systems to work together with. The partnerships forged in the open CAD/CAM ecosystem have enhanced the user experience over the past years and benefitted everyone within the system. There is no end in sight to how much exocad users will be able to benefit from advancements in the future; the better the scanner manufacturers, the better exocad will become. 


Third party scanner manufacturers work hard in order to provide the perfect scanner to fit the needs of exocad users. Due to the market conditions and competition, manufacturers innovate time and time again to create new products. Not only is there innovation within manufacturing companies, you can even find it at the level of file formats.


Today, STL files are used for non-color 3D formatting and printing. However, there are plenty of benefits to colored scans (read more here) that have inspired other file formats to be used. OBJ, PLY and others are larger and take longer to process than STL but technology will lead to improved file formats that will easily compete with STL files. Remaining open will allow exocad users to benefit from these future improvements.


exocad, manufacturers, and others are all working together to bring about the best of human innovation and technology. The above benefits will be used to their full potential with open systems and therefore, it is important for exocad users that open systems prevail. 


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