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Why Looking at Different Ways to Interact Within Your Digital Workflow is Important for Growth

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I often get asked the question “Why do I want to use a platform like Medit Link (a cloud-based ecosystem) to send my digital impression scan when I can export it to my desktop and import the file into my software”?

Platforms create value through the facilitation of exchange between users, providing a marketplace, and creating a community with network effects that enable participants to interact and transact. Cloud-based ecosystems are essentially a way to balance agility and speed with control. As an interconnected network with functions for all parties involved, it utilizes the benefits of cloud computing with its self-service and on-demand nature.


However, there might be reasons to use a platform solution for transferring your dental scans instead of using the export-import path that are not obvious now. Essentially, the best argument I can share stems from the transformation of the chair side solutions that are out there today. Successful dental solutions and providers would not be popular nor would they have expanded into other specialties if it were not for the talented and gracious clinicians and laboratory technicians that shared and taught the workflow to other dentists and technicians in classrooms or even in social media platforms. This interaction created an environment of knowledge collaboration and in essence a prelude to AI that is critical for the dental space to grow into a place where the understanding of what’s possible is more obvious to all and happens organically for the benefit of the patient.


Medit Link is just that, not only for clinicians but also for fabricators and designers, to have access to the evolution of the digital processes captured for all to benefit from. It is intuitive and easy to use. It will naturally support growth as it expands the network of all participants. In tandem with the i500 intraoral scanner, it is the fast track and a simple way to enter digital dentistry – cutting chair time, increasing the quality of results and thus, patient satisfaction.


So take a look at Medit Link and its solution to revolutionize the collaboration of the dental space and be part of the biggest platform to transform the patient experience.


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