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Case Studies

Another Successful Quality Inspection Automation with Medit

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GKN Driveline Legazpi is an automotive parts manufacturer in Spain specializing in the production of high-precision forgings for automotive propulsion systems. They manufacture forged inner rings: one every 3 seconds, or 14 million a year. 


GKN Driveline Legazpi received the excellence award from GKN executive committee for its non-contact measuring project for forged inner rings. The project was developed by a joint team consisting of employees from GKN Driveline Legazpi and Sariki, a metrology consulting company and Medit's partner in Spain. The project was supposed to find solutions to four main challenges:


  • Obtain complete information of the pieces. Prior to the implementation of the project, GKN was conducting manual inspections that needed specific tools and only captured 150 points per measured piece.
  • Move the metrology lab to the production plan.
  • Reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the entire process.
  • Traceability.



The project addressed these challenges with the implementation of SK/inspect software and the installation of two Solutionix scanners at the base of the press. SK/inspect software was specially designed to automate and simplify the interaction with the plan worker, who is not a specialist in metrology, and to allow remote monitoring. Solutionix scanners capture more than 2 million points and reduced inspection time from 17 minutes per workpiece to 3.5 minutes.


According to Jorge Palomar, VS Manager in GKN Driveline Legazpi:

“The balance has been very positive. We have achieved a 4% improvement in productivity and over a 20% reduction in scrap.”


Company: GKN Driveline Legapi
Industry: Automotive Manufacture
Website: https://www.gkn.com/en/our-divisions/gkn-driveline/

Source: Sariki

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