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How to Create a Completed Detailed 3D Model of Impeller

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How to create a completed detailed 3D Model of Impeller.png

First step is achieving to geometrical shape of the object. So by using Rexcan 4 digitizers in about only 30 minutes, all information of the impeller is created. 

ezScan, its complete and intelligent software, has two way for scanning; auto alignment by using stick targets and non-using targets for the objects that are sensitive. In scanning of this impeller it was allowed to stick targets and auto-alignment was chosen. 

3d model of impeller.png

Targets are stick on the impeller and put in on the full automated rotary table which is linked to ezScan to control rotations completely during scanning.

Patches are created after pushing scan button on remote control that is support more than 12 meters distance.

By using Rexcan 4 it doesn't need to scan in complete dark or semi dark rooms like other scanners.

Narrow areas are really hard to see by other scanners but special setup of Rexcan 4 scan those in short time.  

By changing the distance and the angle between two CCD cameras only in one body as track positions that are having full scanned data of complex objects like impellers is not a dream at all.  3d modeling of impeller.png

Fully covered big blades on small ones but the result is really different by comparing the data by other scanners. 


For increasing efficiency of impellers there are some guide lines that are really milling in small step depths to guide gas better. Height of these guide lines are less than 0.3 mm and fade into 0 mm.

scan data.png


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