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Case Studies

Inspecting a Fast Car's Parts, Fast!

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Ariel Motors used to measure using 3D scanner.png

Ariel Motors used to measure and inspect their parts using micrometers, Vernier calipers and CMMs, or send their parts to outside company to be inspected. 

This traditional method requires point-based measurement, which means that only selected points on the part can be inspected. They were looking for more efficient way to measure and inspect their parts since it was very laborious and a long process taking days.   


Simon Saunders who is the company’s managing director recommends Solutionix CS plus 3D scanning and inspection solution developed by Solutionix for its fast, accurate, and automated scanning ability. Consequentially, the whole scan to final mesh model process for the automotive parts could be completed in less than half an hour and it is sent out to the inspection software. The scan data is simply compared to its 3D CAD model to identify and measure any deviations between the physical part and its counterpart 3D CAD model, as well as for GD&T purposes.Inspecting a Fast Car's Parts, Fast with Solutionix 3D scanner

Thanks to its fast and accurate scanning and inspection solution, they could ensure manufacturing quality targets and highly reduce production times for Ariel Atom. Simon Saunders said “It’s a real bonus to have access to the sort of accurate 3D measurement capabilities that the Solutionix CS+ provides.”  


Using a Solutionix high-accuracy 3D scanning system to inspect parts for the Ariel Atom, the fastest in the world from zero to 100 mphuality targets and highly reduce production times for Ariel Atom. Simon Sas can be inspected in less time – and more thoroughly. Consequentially, it is helping to ensure manufacturing quality targets are met and to reduce production times for this unique British car. 

"The accuracy and speed with which parts can be inspected with the Solutionix system, plus the fact that it's portable so we can take it to where the job needs to be done rather than needing a dedicated inspetion area, is of great benefit to a small manufacturing company like Ariel." says Saunders. "Not only does it give us the capabilities that until recently have only really been available to large corporations, but it helps us to attain and maintain the high build quality we strive for in a car that's a world beater - not just in pure performance but in affordable driving fun tha's built to last." 

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