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Features to Consider When Purchasing Your Next 3D Scanner

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Whether you’ve already been working with a 3D scanner and looking to purchase your next one or simply considering buying your very first 3D scanner, what are some of the features to consider? Depending on which industry you’re in and the type of work you're intending to do, the type of scanner you’re looking for will probably differ greatly.


But first, if you’re new to 3D scanning and still hesitant about adding a 3D scanner to your workflow because you’re not confident of its benefits, let us try to convince you otherwise with our five reasons to use 3D scanning. If you don't need any convincing, read on to find out what to look out for when considering which scanner to buy, to best suit your purposes.



Are you in the jewelry business? Due to their small size, capturing information about jewelry pieces in 3D can be challenging, especially if the piece has many intricate details. This is why, when working with small items like jewelry, you should choose a 3D scanner with a high resolution which can effectively capture those intricate details. Such a scanner would also be suitable in any other applications which require the scanning of small items such as for quality inspection, analysis, metrology or reverse engineering.


If you’re working with bigger items, you may want to consider additional features in your 3D scanner which will enable you to do your work more efficiently. For example, you may want to consider getting a scanner which has an option for a 3-axis turntable which would allow for more flexibility in capturing data for medium-sized items, especially when working in cramped conditions. 


If the item you’re trying to scan would not fit on a standard turntable, you may want to consider investing in a scanner which has a detachable scanner head to allow you to scan manually. This kind of scanners are also ideal for scanning precious items like historical artefacts to avoid damaging these fragile items.


The applications of 3D scanning are virtually limitless so you can probably find a use for it in whatever field of work you may be in! Still don't know what kind of scanner to purchase? Let us find the right scanner for you!


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