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Have Fun with Solutionix Scanners

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Did you know that there are many fun things you can do with a 3D scanner? Our team had a great time testing the various functions of our Solutionix scanners by scanning a variety of things! From honey bees to Transformers’ Bumblebee, if you can hold it, we can scan it. Check out the results of our cool experiments (complete with videos) that show just how accurate and precise our scanners are.


Check Out the Fine Details in Scan Data of These Small Objects

Worried about whether our scanners are able to pick up fine details? Check out the video below to see for yourself how our scanners can easily measure tiny objects for quality inspection!




Below are two photos showing the comparison between the actual objects and the corresponding scan data, as scanned by Solutionix D700.


 Actual Objects



Scanned Image


Scan in Color Without Problems


Can our scanners pick up colors, you ask? Seeing is believing. We scanned a really colorful magnet that illustrates the color texture acquisition function of the Solutionix D500! Here’s the video of the scanning process and the result!





Learn About Nature

Use our scanners as a learning tool! If you’re curious about the length and thickness of a honey bee’s wings, stop wondering and start measuring. Firstly, catch a honey bee. Then prep it for scanning! Here’s the video of us scanning a honey bee using the Solutionix D700!





Using the scan data, we managed to take some measurements, as listed below.



# Both Antenna distance : 0.7916mm

# Proboscis length : 2.8956mm

# Forewing's length : 9.1469mm

# Hindwing's length : 6.7192mm

# Wing's thickness : 0.0697mm


You can do the same thing with ladybugs, spiders… As long as the subject is still, you will be able to scan them.


Scan Your Collectibles


Autobots, roll out! We did a collaborative 3D scanning job on a Transformers Bumblebee figurine using both the Solutionix C500 and D500. Check out the video below to see how the scan data from both scans is merged into one.





If you have figurines of your favourite comics, you might want to scan them. Not only is it cool to play around with the scan data but if your figurines get damaged or broken, you would be able to design and print replacement parts, or even print a replica! For those of you who enjoy doing a bit more craft work, you can even consider 3D printing a colorless version of your figurine so that you can do your own paint job!  


What are some of the cool things that you’ve created with our Solutionix scanners? We’d love to hear from you! Share your photos and videos with us.


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