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Case Studies

How a Luxury Jewelry Brand is Using Solutionix Scanners in Its Business

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What are some of the issues that jewelry brands face in their business? And can 3D scanning resolve some of these problems? Read on to find out how one luxury jewelry brand is doing just that - using 3D scanning to improve its operations.

Cost Reduction

When you’ve been in the jewelry business for a long time (for decades or even a century), you accumulate thousands of masterpieces. These tend to be in 24K gold which poses two major issues - security and storage. Having to store all these masterpieces is costly (especially if your brand is located in expensive cities like London or Paris) and poses a security problem. By using Solutionix 3D scanners, the brand is scanning all their masterpieces and converting them into data files instead, saving the brand storage and security costs.

Easy Access to Master Designs

It is easier to locate a master design when it is in a digital format as opposed to a physical copy. Besides making it less complicated to locate the design, having a digital copy also means the brand is able to retrieve the file from any of its branches worldwide. In addition, the brand can also send the design digitally to its suppliers for them to recreate it, without worrying about the master design getting lost in transit. The whole process is hence fast, easy and secure.

Quality Inspection

By 3D scanning all its masterpieces, the jewelry brand is able to quickly compare its as-built physical pieces to as-designed, allowing it to easily identify any faults or design flaws and fix these manufacturing defects easily before going out into the market.

We are always happy to hear about the great things that brands are doing with the help of our scanners! Find out how else you can incorporate 3D scanning into your jewelry business!


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