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Case Studies

Quality Inspection Automatization with MEDIT 3D Scanners

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Companies operating in the automotive sector have to adhere to high quality standards and perform exhaustive quality inspection controls. For Industrias GES, S.A. this process was becoming increasingly costly and time-consuming.

Industrias GES, S.A. is a Spanish company specializing in the stamping of complex parts for the automotive sector. The products they manufacture incorporate additional welding operations, riveting of components, threads and inserts of other materials. Measurement and quality inspection was an arduous task because the stamped pieces had complex geometries and some of the areas were not reachable by conventional equipment. For certain measurements, Industrias GES had to perform destructive tests which resulted in wastage of time and materials.


Industrias GES stamping pieces


Simplifying quality inspection

Industrias GES contacted Sariki, MEDIT's partner in Spain, to analyze improvement possibilities for the inspection process. Sariki proposed automating the process with MEDIT's Solutionix D500, which is specifically designed to scan small objects with complex shapes using blue light scanner technology.


Solutionix D500 allowed Industrias GES to perform complete inspections of the pieces in significantly shorter times (4-5 minutes per piece), without contact (avoiding piece deformation), and retrieving better inspection data (the scanner generates a complete point cloud of the piece with a resolution of 2 x 2Mpx).


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Company: Industrias GES
Industry: Automotive Manufacture
Website: www.industriasges.com

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